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Poetry by Noel Howley, Christine Naprava, Tory Dickerson, Eilín de Paor, Wendy Sinnamon, Cheryl Vail, Rachel Carney, Fergus Hogan, A.M. Cousins, Demi Anter, Áine Uí Fhoghlú, Lorraine Carey, Claire Loader, Sean Kelly, Ian Cusack, Christine Anne Foley, Camille Lewis, Gail Sheridan, Steve Denehan, Margaret Galvin, Paddy Moran, Conan Power, Patrick Holloway, Nicholas Mc Gaughey, Anne Daly, Taidgh Lynch, Katy Skipwith, Ciaran O'Rourke, Ross Thompson, Lucy Holme, and Fiona Lynch.


Flash fiction by Fiona McKay and Dymphna Nugent.


Short story by Noel O' Regan.


Art and photography by Edward Lee, Pauline Flynn, David Grant, Nerosunero, Karen J. McDonnell, and Kevin MacAlan.

The Waxed Lemon Issue 3 (Winter/Spring 2022)

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